Better Than Ever

We’ve been listening to you and we’ve made some improvements! Here is a list of all our improvements since we opened. Select item below for more details.


We’ve spent many late nights and countless hours dialing in our equipment. Vehicles are looking better than ever including the backs and their wheels.

We are always working at putting out a cleaner and dryer vehicle. We’ve been working closely with top car wash chemists to improve our formulas and put out an even better vehicle. Come see for yourself.

We’ve changed our rinse cycle to make sure that we get the suds knocked down and washed off so you’re left with a shinier, cleaner vehicle.

We’ve added even more blowers. We now have over 180hp of blowers for significantly more drying power than most other washes.

We’ve changed nozzle designs and even added some nozzles that flip as you move past to help get a bit more water off your entire vehicle including the back.

We now provide FREE use of clean towels and window cleaner to all customers.

We now offer the FREE use of our heavy duty rug beater to help get those floor mats to look their best.

We now have a fully stocked vending machine for your convenience. Detailing supplies? You bet. Air fresheners? From New Car Scent to Vanillaroma, we’ve got them and more!

We have already ordered new equipment to help assist in making loading even easier.

Be prepared to experience a light show like no other car wash in the area has ever seen. We’re going to take “Enjoy the Show” to a whole new level.

We’re so confident your going to love the new improvements that we’ve got an amazing deal for you below.

Unlimited Club
50% OFF 1st Month*


Have more than one vehicle? Add extra vehicles to a BEST Unlimited Membership for only $0.01!


It’s practically free!

OFFER ENDS 5/14/2023

*50% Off and $0.01 special only available for newly added vehicles. Promotional prices are only for the 1st month. Regular pricing on single plan vehicles and 50% discount on additional family plan vehicles for future months. See info on plans and pricing here. Up to 5 vehicles can be on the family plan. Cancel Anytime.

Family Plan
Step-by-Step Guide